Marketing Automation Software Platform

Track Leads Across Multiple Devices

Track users across devices and learn more about how your audience finds your website. The SharpSpring service and automation platform can recognize and track almost anything – from desktops and laptops to mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices. Use information about your traffic sources to optimize your website content and design.

Universal CMS Compatibility

SharpSpring’s all-purpose automation platform works well with all major content management systems. Continue using WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Joomla! or your other favorite CMS. When you connect to SharpSpring, you’ll benefit from enhanced analytics, blog and marketing automation tools, instant RSS sharing and 2-way synchronization.

Secure Your Brand with Robust User Roles

SharpSpring can help everyone on your team – without risking the safety and security of your brand. Store data with our secure service automation platform and manage access on a need-to-know basis. Limit access and protect data by assigning privileges for different user roles; including salespeople, social media managers, company managers, and site admins.

Seamless Integration for 3rd-Party and Native Forms

SharpSpring forms are powerful, smart and built for conversion… but if you already have a favorite web form automation tool in your stack, we won’t be offended. Use the mapping tool to add 3rd-party and native forms to SharpSpring in seconds. We support all the big form builders including FormStack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, Sugar and Salesforce. Alternatively, you can design and edit forms instantly with our intuitive marketing automation tools. Use the form builder software, get inspired with one of our templates, or add your own CSS and HTML code.

SharpSpring Developer API

Connect the SharpSpring automation platform to any custom-built data system or CRM. Like SharpSpring, the API is platform agnostic and built to the latest web standards, so you can use your programming language (Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, etc.) of choice. Enjoy instant, 2-way synchronization, to keep your records up to date. Use our marketing automation tool to track, manage and message leads based on the information stored in your CRM and data systems.

With WordPress themes or other third-party APIs and templates, my designer’s hands were often tied ― not only on the front-end ― but especially on the back-end. With SharpSpring, our UI and dev teams are free to design to our clients’ unique demand generation and CRM needs.

David Strand

David Strand

Strand Marketing

Connect Everywhere with Zapier Integrations

Connect hundreds of apps to SharpSpring in minutes without any programming knowledge. Get creative by combining CRM, social and consumer tools with SharpSpring for automation acrobatics. You’ll be able to manage everything with our easy-access marketing automation tools, and keep track of it all with accessible, customizable reports.

"We use a call tracking app called Ruler Analytics, and we wanted to integrate it with SharpSpring so we can understand a true ROI for our marketing campaigns. Zapier connected them instantly."

William Seabrook

William Seabrook

Creative Digital Agency

Unparalleled Partner Support

At SharpSpring, we’re all about making your life easier. We’re here to help and we never hesitate to go the extra mile! Contact our partner support team for a speedy response, advice, and assistance. Have a life-changing feature in mind? We take suggestions seriously and make enhancements to our marketing automation service platform all the time.

"SharpSpring’s service and support is outstanding. The company goes out of its way to help me grow my business, even helping me pitch new business. SharpSpring actually lives and breathes its promises every day."

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

CX3 Group

A Scalable, Secure, Service Automation Platform

SharpSpring uses a redundant server architecture and undergoes exhaustive security audits to keep your data safe and secure. We offer user roles so that your information is always accessible… but only to the right people. You can trust in our marketing automation tools for total security and reliability.

Single Sign-On for Agencies and Distributed Organizations

Switch between agency and clients, or master and sub-accounts, from a single, flexible platform, without the need for re-login. Share information with your team around the world and remove barriers between sales, marketing, web maintenance, and customer service teams. Use our email marketing automation tool to send real-time notifications whenever a lead is ready to hear from someone on your team.