SharpSpring Ads

Achieve a new level of digital marketing with SharpSpring Ads.

The power of marketing automation and retargeting, combined.

Achieve a new level of digital marketing with SharpSpring Ads

It’s rare that you work with a third-party ad company that you can actually trust, and have your best interests in mind when making decisions. I feel like SharpSpring Ads does.

JoAnne Hart Marketing Manager, 99designs

Retargeted visitors are 10x more likely to click and 70% more likely to convert.

You spend a lot of money to get visitors to your website, where only 2% of first-time visitors convert.

Serving bounced visitors targeted display ads, or retargeting, keeps your brand top of mind.

For every dollar spent on retargeting, companies generate $8 in revenue.

Qualified Leads:

  • Looking for your product
  • Have been to your site
  • Are considering a purchase

Use automation to build audiences and retarget with just a few clicks.

Ad Engagement

Trigger automated actions based on ad engagement.

Life of a Lead

View ad interactions on the life of the lead

Seamlessly attribute leads to campaigns

Seamlessly attribute leads to campaigns in SharpSpring based on ad engagement

Retarget Email List

Retarget your email list to reach beyond the inbox for more conversions

Retargeting attracts bounced visitors back to your site…

When someone visits your site, SharpSpring Ads places a cookie on their browser.

As they browse around the web, they’re served targeted display ads based on page visits, buyer persona, lead score and more.

They’re attracted back to your site with a special promotion or strong call to action.

Key Retargeting Statistics


41% of marketing allocation in 2018 to paid display spend was on retargeting.


Retargeting can increase conversion rates by as much as 150%.

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