Honors to Dollars:

Learn How Your Agency Can Turn Accolades into Sales

Part of our Revenue Rockstars Series

Agencies can maximize accolades by turning them into revenue-generating resources.

Watch as visionary marketing strategist and bestselling author Shama Hyder shares her take on how modern marketers can turn accolades into sales and boost retention for clients and their own agencies.

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Shama Hyder

CEO, Zen Media, Visionary Strategist & Bestselling Author


Tara Benyousky

Director of Product Marketing, SharpSpring, from Constant Contact

Visionary leader driving growth through technology for digital marketing agencies and SMBs. A pioneer in marketing automation, CRM and SaaS solutions, she’s an advocate for the advantages SharpSpring offers businesses to convert and retain more customers through data-informed and dynamic buying experiences. Prior to SharpSpring, she's led go-to-market team

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