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Finding the communication sweet spot

How one agency improved engagement by more than 30% with automation

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schurq. is a digital marketing agency based in the Netherlands with a mission to help B2B entrepreneurs achieve their online marketing goals with the right strategy and content at the right time to allow them to warm new leads and grow their business. 

Before finding the communication sweet spot, schurq. sent bulk and targeted email sends to leads and listings. Seeing results in their “volume-based” strategy, they increased sends to boost revenue. Instead, they saw a drop in engagement!

Using SharpSpring, they revamped their email strategy and cadence to improve engagement by more than 30% using automation.


schurq. historically approached communications with a “volume-based” approach. As their client amassed new leads and listings they would issue bulk and targeted sends. For the majority of 2018 they used a bimonthly bulk send approach with pretty good results – an average 50% open rate.

These results led the management team to increase frequency each month throughout late 2019 and most of 2020. A pervasive thought for many companies when it comes to bulk sends is: “the more the better.” But schurq. soon found that this may not always be the case. This approach eventually led to an engagement drop – to the tune of an average 40% open rate.


The schurq. team decided to go through the responses and outcomes and tinker with the bulk sending cadence once again in search of a better strategy using SharpSpring.

“We quickly discovered that less is more for our audience, as our open rate declined when our bulk sends became more frequent. Sending more one-to-one messages with SharpSpring’s automation tools helped us send the right message at the right time – and helped us to find our communication sweet spot.”

– Patrick Schokker, schurq. Marketing & Sales Automation Manager

The Approach

SharpSpring automation is a perfect fit for companies looking to get in front of real estate businesses. This is because the most vital elements when marketing to this industry include the ability to mass communicate effectively and efficiently, as well as being able to obtain direct insight into what type of content prospective leads are really responding to. Not only is subject matter tremendously important, but cadence is also key! 

With SharpSpring, the schurq. team has been able to amass sufficient data to find, in their words, “the sweet spot” when it comes to helping their clients market effectively to the real estate industry. 

Through a combination of Sharpspring’s bulk and automated sending tools and the ability to track both individual and mass engagement, schurq. was able to increase connectivity to their client’s base to dizzying heights. 

The result?

Over the first 2 quarters of 2021 their client reduced their bulk sending to once a quarter and increased their one-on-one sends, to incredible results. Over the first 6 months of 2021, their average open rate sat at 71% and their click through rate was 19%. This also includes having a 6% low engagement rate in their instance!

Over 30% increase in engagement over the course of 18 months
Open rate in first 6 months
Click through rate in first 6 months