Social Media Marketing Automation for Agencies

Social media marketing has become an integral part of agency marketing. However, when it comes to managing multiple client platforms, eliminating tedious tasks can be accomplished by using a social media management platform. Having a central hub for social media marketing automation will free up your schedule so time can be used optimizing analytics enabling efforts to be focused on building better customer relationships.

In this article, we share benefits and best practices for social media marketing automation so you know how to stand out on social media ahead of your competitors by using the marketing automation platform that’s best for your agency.

What is Social Media Automation?

Social media automation is a system of automated tools you can use to constantly improve the quality of your social media presence while curating content in advance. Automating your social media channels can be useful when curating a content plan centralizing scheduling, reporting, and content ideas.

Agencies benefit from including social media tools, so there is availability to dissect how to engage with users on social media within a client’s online community through authentic conversation and learning new strategies to optimize tactics. Utilizing the analytics produced for social listening can introduce a pipeline that can help measure social media success.

Benefits of Automating Social Media Marketing

Let’s dive into the following seven benefits an agency can experience when implementing their marketing strategies to favor their client’s needs by allowing marketing automation to support their social media marketing tactics:

Save Time

Taking a few hours each week to schedule posts in batches is far more efficient than breaking off from other tasks every ten minutes. This normal practice prior to automation diminished agency efficiency. With automation, agencies can focus on creativity for clients during scheduled periods of content batching or social media engagement with the client’s audience.

By using social media marketing automation capabilities, you’ll see your agency’s productivity increase with less laborious efforts exhausted on tasks that can easily be streamlined through an automation solution.

Boost Engagement

One of the most sensible benefits that stem from automating social media marketing is the help provided to engage with client audiences across various platforms from a single source. Monitoring brand tags, comments, and messages gathered in one place allows your team to connect with the audience easier and promptly.

Use Chatbots

Taking advantage of assistants like chatbots is another benefit of social media automation that increases the customer experience by providing customer support. A chatbot means customer care is available around the clock as an advanced feature to better serve your client’s customers.

Speed Customer Response with Suggested Replies

Small asks can be solved with automated responses set in place by your customization of the platform. When larger issues arise, they can be escalated directly to your team to uphold your intended high-level customer experience.

Automate Reports

To compare data amongst your colleagues and clients, automated in-depth reports can allow your team to have a constant eye on data shifts without having to manually pull numbers for each report. You can even schedule reports to be sent to your team or client so everyone is aware of where work must be done or what successes are being produced.

Curate Content Easily

Social media is all about promoting your content. So, why not use social media automation tools to spend time curating in one system that will be used across various social platforms? How you automate social media is all about working smarter and not harder.

Score and Nurture Social Leads

A well-integrated marketing automation platform will be keen on assessing leads that can be passed over to your client’s sales team. Using built-in social media analytics helps identify which posts are more engaging and which need adjustments to be more successful when future planning. Automate social media campaigns and tactics to see an overall improvement of targeted messaging, personalized customer experiences, and the amount of time saved in the process.

How to Choose an Automation and Social Platform for Agencies

Agencies face particular labor-saving challenges when it comes to social media marketing. So, it makes sense that they need flexible, labor-saving social media tools.

Most automate social media with tools for businesses that have limits on how many profiles they can handle. But if you manage social media for numerous clients, then it would be most reasonable to have a solution with unlimited profiles and capabilities customizable with each client in mind.  This is why SharpSpring has built-in elements beyond marketing automation like CRM features and end-to-end sales all in one revenue growth platform for your workflow consideration.

You can choose any social media marketing automation solution to enhance your marketing efforts and take your agency to the next level. This way your team can stay focused on what matters most – achieving the desired goals for your clients.

Best Practices for Automating Social Media

The following are six best practices at the core of automating for social media:

Keep It Human

Humanize marketing automation by remembering to create more human relationships through interactions that make your team more efficient and meet customer expectations. You can be more personal and engaged yet at scale while folding in a humanistic approach for how to automate social media posts.

Have a Style Guide

Everyone with access to your client’s social media accounts should have a clear idea of the brand voice and tone. This mainly applies to written content, but it applies to visual assets as well. Include a list of topics that do not align with your client and guidelines for responding to their followers.

Use Visual Resources

This includes photos, gifs, content illustrations, and video content. Where do you source these assets from? Where are they stored? Visual assets should be easy to find and search for efficient posting.

Summarize Links and UTMs

Use a standardized system for UTMs across all client social media platforms, and regularly check that it’s being used correctly. Even if you use a link-shortening service that stores URLs automatically, you should keep client “link library” sets so that your team can find and refer to links quickly.

Keep External Content Ready for Sharing

Better content means better sales. Sharing content from other sources is a valuable part of your content mix. However, you don’t want to share just anything. Maximize on your social media marketing ROI by delivering personalized, compelling social media content to scale and optimize campaign performance. Keep an up-to-date list of external content, where it’s been posted and whether you’ve made contact with the source.

Integrate Your Strategies with SEO and Content

Learning how to develop winning SEO and content strategies begins with uncovering weaknesses and hidden opportunities. Remember to tuck in the keywords that are on-topic being mindful of who your prospects are. Once you narrow your scope for SEO keywords and content, allow this information to be automated and kept up-to-date in your social media marketing automation solution.

The most successful organizations have noted the value and benefits of how to automate social media marketing using the power of automation platforms to improve their existing social media marketing strategies. Consider generating qualified leads while introducing your clients to better avenues to take that create a better customer experience for increased sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Automate Social Media?

Automating social media to connect with leads and customers can be streamlined through social media marketing automation tools like SharpSpring. Aside from scheduling content, set up an automated hub to map your content connected to larger marketing initiatives showing how to automate social media marketing. Having an automated sequence for your social platforms to feed data collected into your database will help you integrate tactics to position the brand to the audience effectively.

How Do I Automate Social Media Posts? 

Understanding how to automate social media posts reveals how you can automate a steady queue of posts. Using the automation software, you can spend more time on creativity to earn a following and boost your online presence. Look at social listening tools within the automation software, like chatbots, to gain notable insights across several networks to achieve ROI.

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