About Concurra

Concurra combines A/B and Multivariate testing, live session recording, and Heat/Live mapping in one fully integrated platform. This saves you and the client the need to buy licenses for multiple testing platforms with multiple logins. Concurra’s dashboard allows you to manage the testing and optimization of multiple websites simultaneously improving team collaboration and cost effectiveness.

While Google Analytics can tell you where a client came from and how long they spent on a site, Concurra tells you what the client actually did on the site helping to lower bounce rates and improve conversions. Simply put, Concurra can help your agency stand out in the crowd of digital marketers, expand your retainer services, and deliver better performing website to your clients.

Heatmapping and Multivariate Testing to Drive More Conversions

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The benefits of using SharpSpring & Concurra

  • Test your website and landing pages to optimize performance
  • Adjust your sales funnels based on your users’ activity
  • Apply multivariate testing to find the most effective message