Lead Nurturing at an Agency

Agency Report: The State of Lead Nurturing

With the term “lead nurturing” trending lately, you’ve probably noticed that a hot topic in conversations about sales and marketing recently has been lead nurturing funnels and programs. In case you’re wondering, lead nurturing is exactly what it sounds like! This marketing strategy involves taking a hard look at how leads are being follow-up with after their initial capture. This…
Email Drip Campaign Image

Tips for Great Email Drip Campaigns

Contrary to what you may have heard, email is far from dead. In fact, there were approximately 3.9 billion email users in 2019, and that number is projected to grow to 4.48 billion by 2024. It goes without saying that with numbers like these, companies can’t overlook email marketing. One way to spice up your email approach is to kickstart…
Image of Marketing Cycle

What is the Marketing Cycle?

Image depicting Sales vs Marketing

Sales vs. Marketing – What’s the Real Difference?

Whether your company is just starting out or is growing quickly, it’s important to understand that there’s a major difference between sales and marketing. While they can certainly be intertwined at times, sales and marketing each require very different strategies built on unique skills and techniques to generate interest in your company’s products and services – which is precisely what…
Depicting Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads

Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads

Even with the help of the latest advancements in marketing automation technology, lead generation can still seem fruitless if your leads aren’t actually converting. An important step before chasing down a lead is to effectively differentiate between qualified leads vs. unqualified leads. Understanding Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads A qualified lead is a prospect with a problem that can be…
Image displaying how lead nurturing works for increasing client retention

Lead Nurturing & Increasing Client Retention: How to Decrease Customer Churn

Proper Lead Nurturing is Key to Reducing Client Attrition When Credit Union 2.0, a digital marketing fintech company, approached SharpSpring looking for help increasing client retention, they were experiencing a customer churn of 6 to 9 months. Credit Union 2.0 wanted to be able to display greater value to their clients. But because they relied on their customers to administer…
Helping Clients Increase Sales During the Downturn First and South Restaurant

Help Clients Increase Sales During the Downturn – An Agency Q&A

How one agency helped a client double monthly sales during COVID-19 social distancing SharpSpring partner agency Robert McInnis Consulting shared a recent client success story that warms our hearts and provides key insight into how business owners and managers are adapting to “the new normal” we’re all living through. Get ready to hear straight from Bob in his video below…