About SMSFactor

SMSFactor is an online platform that allows its users to send professional SMS to their customers, prospects, or patients. You can integrate SMSFactor with your existing website, CRM, and numerous other softwares with SMSFactor’s API. Sending professional SMS helps companies build better relationships with their current customers, while aiding in expansion of customer bases.

With SMSFactor, you can send SMS marketing messages and SMS alerts to your customers. SMS marketing is useful for the promotion of new products, services, special offers, or sales. SMS alert can be used for appointment reminders, order confirmations, and follow-ups. SMSFactor is always looking to improve and develop new services. Visit to check out the latest features.

How does SMSFactor work with SharpSpring?

SharpSpring’s Zapier integration with SMSFactor allows users to send SMS messages from triggers within SharpSpring. Configure your sync in minutes to begin leveraging the best of both platforms.


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The benefits of using SharpSpring & SMSFactor

  • Send SMS messages through SMSFactor when a form is filled out in SharpSpring
  • Send SMS messages through SMSFactor when an email open event occurs in SharpSpring