About SatuitCRM

SatuitCRM is the industry-leading CRM software for buy-side investment professionals including Institutional Asset Managers, Private Equity, Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments. Our award winning Customer Relationship Management software was developed by a team of experienced investment professionals who understand the complexity of investment sales, client service and compliance regulations. The software is powerful, yet easy to use and may be implemented as a cloud solution or installed on your servers.

How does SatuitCRM work with SharpSpring?

With full API integration, SatuitCRM and SharpSpring save you time and assure that your sales and investor relations team can manage lists and see campaign results on their SatuitCRM home page. Using the power of Saved Views and Filtering to segment existing lists within CRM, you reach your important contacts with tailored messaging. With the E-Marketing Module, you can effortlessly create, send, and track complex email campaigns and tie those results to lead generation.

Your marketing team will save time because they can upload lists directly from SatuitCRM and quickly download campaign results. The key is only maintaining one marketing contact database. If you use 3rd party contact lists, you can store that data in CRM and update those lists easily using the data management tools. You can easily spot duplicate contacts and assure the data integrity of your contact lists.

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The benefits of using SharpSpring & SatuitCRM

  • Consolidate all mail lists in SatuitCRM
  • Easily update campaigns & see results
  • Publish marketing dashboards
  • Prepare marketing reports directly from SatuitCRM