Sales are what drive any company. This is why everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you something. When a salesperson approaches you, the way they talk about their product or service is part of what will determine whether or not you invest your time and money into it. As a salesperson, having an effective sales pitch that gains the attention of potential clients is a vital part of gathering leads and generating sales. What follows are a few tips from some of our top sales reps on how to improve your sales pitch and close more sales!

Tips to Improve Your Sales Pitch

1. Do preliminary research

Before approaching a client, have a thorough understanding of the market and your product. Be ready to answer all the hard questions they might ask. For instance, be ready to explain how much time and energy you have invested in the product or service you are selling.

Buyers will need a clear, concise pitch that they can understand and easily repeat to their colleagues.

2. Address their interests

When pitching something to an audience, make sure you address their interests and what’s in it for them. Failing to clearly outline the interest of your audience will put them off reducing any chances of them investing in your product or service.

One of the best ways to effectively address their interests and improve your sales pitch is by communicating the calculation of the returns. Explaining and outlining numbers during your pitch will offer a straightforward answer to some of their questions and will spike their interest!

Additionally, you should be able to clearly communicate when they will receive the returns. Avoid being vague at all costs.

3. Show your company’s growth and progress over the years

Everyone wants to invest in a product or service that has a proven growth track. When presenting your sales pitch, show your audience your current customers and how far the product or service has come for the last six months.

Take advantage of the technological advancements happening now. For example, you could show your social growth and how it has contributed to your sales. There are many programs that can provide you with reports that will dazzle your audience.

4. Determine the needs of the customer

For a product or service to be successful, it should be able to ‘fill a gap.’ It should be able to solve consumer problems as well as cater to their needs.

Do the in-depth groundwork and find out your consumer’s concerns, thoughts, and reactions. Connect your customers’ concerns, address them in your product or service then communicate that connection to your audience.

5. Take over the market

Everyone is looking for the next big thing. You won’t wow someone when you present them something with a “similar concept” to that of your competitors. Find something that makes you stand out.

When it comes to investors, they are already risking their hard-earned money investing in you so, having a product that commands the largest market share is their sole interest.

6. Have enthusiasm and confidence in your speech

Why would an investor or a potential consumer believe you even when you seem unsure of the pitch you are giving?

When giving your pitch, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge about what you are selling. This way, it will be much easier convincing your audience to invest in you.

If you exude confidence, your audience will notice! A confident demeanor does wonders when it comes to increasing the chances of someone buying whatever it is you are pitching.

One of the ways to ensure you are confident and enthusiastic about your pitch is to do a lot of footwork and preliminary research. Great preliminary research allows you to know your market and what your competitors are up to. It also helps you better communicate how your product or service will contribute to the betterment of consumer lives.

7. Highlight past success

Investors are so eager to learn whether or not they are placing their investment in a worthwhile course. They want to know how their money will be spent. As such, it will put their minds at ease if you provided a synopsis of your business acumen.

Be specific in the achievements you share with them. Give them a run-down of all your previous successful projects as well as major clients you have worked with. It is also a great idea to share the amount of revenue (in specifics), that you generated from the sales or partnership.

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Katrina McAfee
Over the past 10 years, Katrina has created and implemented marketing plans for industries ranging from health care, transportation, animal welfare and rescue, hospice communities, and much more. At SharpSpring, Katrina’s main focus is coordinating lead generation marketing activities to boost sales for the company.