SMB Boosts Revenue 3x Using Marketing Automation


Learn how one agency helped a client double campaign ROI with their first campaign.


Increase in revenue


Increase in conversion

2-1 ROI

From an inbound campaign

The Agency-Client Relationship

Matte Black Brand Agency is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in using SharpSpring to connect brands and businesses with people in a personable way.

One of Matte Black’s clients, ISR Training, is a multi-award-winning sales training and business coaching organization located on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. They help business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals increase revenue through ethical sales training and business coaching. Their SWISH methodology (Selling With Integrity & Selling Honestly) aims to prove that no one ever has to lie, bully or manipulate to make a sale.

Matte Black helps ISR optimize its lead nurturing efforts and gain end-to-end marketing insights. Most recently, Matte Black incorporated SharpSpring marketing automation into ISR’s marketing and sales strategy. Since then, ISR has seen a significant increase in sales conversions, leading to a significant increase in overall revenue. The platform gives them marketing insights across campaigns, helps them nurture leads without sacrificing personalization, and empowers them to convert sales-ready leads more quickly with the help of automation.

The Situation

Over the last four years, ISR Training has seen 100% growth year over year. In addition, they became finalists on Australia’s “Shark Tank” and started to see increased website traffic. With this new growth and publicity, ISR Training wanted to ensure no lead got lost.

ISR was using HubSpot CRM, which enabled them to keep track of their contacts; however, it did not allow them to create personal communications with dynamic content or to individually engage with prospects through lead nurturing campaigns. What they needed was a fully-integrated marketing and sales solution.

The Solution

To take full advantage of the media exposure and yearly growth, Matte Black implemented SharpSpring as part of ISR’s marketing and sales strategy. In order to hit the ground running and deliver a strong return on investment, Matte Black led a strategy session and an onboarding period to align the business goals of ISR Training with the capabilities of SharpSpring.

The following features helped make the switch to SharpSpring easy for ISR:

Lead allocation:

Leads are automatically assigned a lead owner from the ISR sales team. This assignment triggers a personalized welcome email to each lead, creating an immediate, personal connection.

Visibility into every lead’s journey:

SharpSpring enables complete visibility of a lead’s unique journey through the marketing and sales funnel. The ISR team is given the insight they need to provide a tailored experience to each potential customer.

Lead scoring:

Because deals are prioritized by lead score, ISR can quickly take action based on specific behaviors, ultimately increasing conversions.

A manageable process:

Follow-up is preemptive and trackable. When a lead hasn’t been contacted for a period of time, SharpSpring notifies the lead owner, ensuring a prospect never gets cold again.

Reporting and analytics:

Campaign tracking, both on- and offline, combined with robust marketing and sales analytics, provides management with actionable insights into current activities and the ability to accurately forecast future results.

Complete control:

The entire ISR team is able to use one unified system while customizing it to fit their unique sales process.

“After years using HubSpot, we were a bit apprehensive about the transition to SharpSpring – but the team became fully immersed in the platform very quickly. Within just a couple of weeks, it was like we’d always been with SharpSpring.”

Ryan Tuckwood

Co-Founder of ISR Training

The Results

This year has been a game-changer for ISR. While the initial attraction to SharpSpring was the marketing automation capabilities, the platform’s sales features have also transformed ISR’s sales performance. And the biggest win to date? SharpSpring’s end-to-end reporting empowers the founders and the board with necessary data to make important decisions and organizational shifts.

Since implementing SharpSpring, ISR Training has seen:

Over 300% increase in revenue

2 on 1 ROI from an inbound campaign

25% increased conversion rates with lead nurturing

“Changing software, especially a CRM database, can be very daunting to a scale-up business, as integration issues could slow growth. But the transition to Sharpspring, especially with Matte Black’s support, has been effortless, and the results have been immediate... and apparently we haven’t even started using all the functions yet!”

Jack Corbett

Managing Director of ISR Training

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Matte Black is a full-service marketing agency based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Matte Black specializes in using marketing automation to help brands and businesses achieve commercial outcomes with modern marketing techniques in our post- modern, digital age.

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ISR Training is a multi-award-winning sales training and business coaching organization. ISR Training helps business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals increase revenue through ethical sales training delivered by the innovative SWISH (Selling With Integrity, Selling Honestly) training academy, classroom-style bootcamps, and face-to-face sessions.

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Ready to learn more?

Adding marketing automation to your toolbox can help you grow your business. Schedule time with our Director of Partnerships to chat about your specific needs and see SharpSpring in action.