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Law Firm Grows 600% Using Marketing Automation

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Oyova is an application development and marketing agency started in 2008. They boast a team of skilled strategists that help transform organizations. Whether through custom website design to help improve metrics, or a targeted marketing campaign to create explosive growth — the Oyova team is all about client success. 

Facing limited resources and even more limited time to devote to branding and marketing efforts, a law firm asked Jacksonville-based agency Oyova for help boosting lead/case generation.

Oyova implemented marketing automation with SharpSpring to help solve their problems:

  • Generating awareness and driving interest
  • Nurturing leads and increasing engagement
  • Prioritizing hot leads and converting new business

“SharpSpring’s Life of the Lead feature was how we sold the client on marketing automation initially. They were able to see the timeline of how somebody behaved with their site, and that’s integral. That information prepares them for conversations they want to have with their client.”

– Jon Tsourakis, President & CRO, Oyova


A law firm was struggling to generate awareness for the firm and its attorneys, which in turn meant that lead/case generation was slow. The firm and its three attorneys needed to be focused on caseloads, not generating leads. The demands of everyday operations and serving clients were simply too great to leave room for lead generation, not to mention the staff wasn’t trained in marketing.

This is a familiar story for many SMBs. When resources are limited, there isn’t time leftover in the day for branding and marketing efforts. Even if the strapped team managed to identify some new leads, who was left to handle follow up and additional caseloads?


When presented with the law firm’s struggle, Oyova knew that implementing marketing automation with SharpSpring, tightening up advertising, and gaining brand exposure could easily help solve their problems.


Tactic 1: Generate Awareness & Drive Interest

Oyova needed to help get the law firm in front of the people who needed their services. By creating targeted blog posts, ebooks and white papers, Oyova started driving traffic to the firm’s website. Once the assets were in place, they were leveraged as content for paid advertising and targeted social media posts to drive interest.

Tactic 2: Nurture Leads & Increase Engagement 

Using SharpSpring marketing automation they were able to further nurture leads down the funnel with targeted email messaging that hit while the prospect was in the midst of making their decision. Using targeted messaging, Oyova helped the firm deliver the right message at the right time to attract new business. 

Tactic 3: Prioritize Hot Leads & Convert New Business

Lead scoring and SharpSpring’s Life of the Lead tool helped attorneys jump on qualified cases while their interest was still high so they were able to win more clients. Armed with a timeline of interactions with each lead, the firm was better prepared for conversations with each potential client.

The result?

With the help of SharpSpring marketing automation, Oyova helped the law firm see some great success:

Increase in staff from 3 to 20+ attorneys
Grew their client list to 40,000 strong
Secured $200 million in settlements for their clients