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Case Study: Streamline and automate your internal sales process so you can focus on closing deals.

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Firm Seeks CRM Software to Streamline Operations

InJoy Global is a technology startup that creates programs designed to help businesses transform the workplace and build a strong company culture. Before using SharpSpring, the InJoy team was struggling to manage 3-4 sales engagements at a time, and they were seeing a slow and low conversion rate.

InJoy’s sales information was spread out all over the place. They were using manual emails, handwritten notes and reminders, and data stored in employee’s heads – the most dangerous place. Additionally, the leadership team had no visibility into sales or how many deals were in the pipeline, which prevented the company from accurately forecasting revenue.

Today, InJoy Global has 40+ active engagements in the pipeline, and they’re proactively advancing them through a five-step sales process that’s fully powered by SharpSpring.


SharpSpring CRM Scales Business Growth

InJoy Global was looking to streamline and automate its sales process to scale growth. InJoy’s platform was built through a series of custom-developed projects for a few very large corporate clients. Based on those projects, the team chose to expand their platform and develop a commercially viable solution for organizations of all sizes, not just large enterprises.

With this change, instead of managing a handful of large deals, InJoy needed to substantially expand its pipeline and offer its services to a wider set of customers. They instantly went searching for a CRM solution to help manage their new business model.

“I’ve used HubSpot and Salesforce at other companies with large budgets. This was not the reality at InJoy; we’re growing our business from the ground up. We needed an intuitive platform that the whole team could easily learn. We looked at many others, but none were even close to the experience we’ve had with SharpSpring.”

Brady Teter

Director of Business Development, InJoy Global

InJoy quickly implemented a host of features within SharpSpring CRM with the sales pipeline as their main focus. Before using SharpSpring, InJoy’s old-school, rolodex sales style was solely monitored in Gmail and Google Drive. Sales activities weren’t being measured, and there was no visual pipeline.

“Implementing the SharpSpring CRM literally took zero effort. I was able to stand it up and start using it the very first day I logged in. Within a couple of hours, we already began to see huge benefits.”

Brady Teter

Director of Business Development, InJoy Global

One of the most attractive features to InJoy was the customizable pipeline. SharpSpring’s pipeline stages are completely flexible to meet the needs of every business niche. With each new lead they get, the sales team can create a new opportunity in the pipeline. And everything in the pipeline can be adjusted to fit InJoy’s needs, such as the name of each opportunity, the order in which they appear, the probability of closing the deal, and the description of each stage in their sales process.


CRM Marketing Accelerated Close Rate and Increases Revenue

Once InJoy got their pipeline up and running, the team quickly realized that their new CRM strategy could provide some tangible, quick wins. By automating some of their internal processes, such as reminders and follow-up emails, the sales team is now able to simultaneously manage several more customer engagements.

These streamlined efforts also helped to maximize and shorten their sales cycle. InJoy was working a lead for an average of four months before closing a deal. Now, the team is closing deals 10 weeks after they enter an opportunity into the pipleline on average.

“Since implementing SharpSpring, we’ve reduced our sales cycle, drastically increased our customer engagement, and as a result, we are closing more business.”

Brady Teter

Director of Business Development, InJoy Global

The startup has only dipped their toe in the water with SharpSpring. InJoy Global’s primary focus has been the CRM tools, but their team is now venturing into all of the platform’s marketing automation capabilities to continue scaling growth.

“We’re excited to finally expand into the other tools available within the platform. There are many CRM products out there; however, none of them have room to expand into marketing automation as easily as with SharpSpring.”

Brady Teter

Director of Business Development, InJoy Global

Real Results With SharpSpring

Using SharpSpring CRM, InJoy Global has seen a 10x increase in the number of active, engaged leads in their sales pipeline.

After six months of using the platform, InJoy shortened their sales cycle by six weeks - nearly 40%, allowing them to close more deals and produce more revenue.

The firm is seamlessly layering on marketing automation after successfully implementing their CRM strategy.

“We looked at several marketing automation platforms and ultimately chose SharpSpring because we knew we were going to need help. With them, we quickly realized we weren’t alone. SharpSpring is genuinely vested in our success. Their customer service after the sale is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced – truly awesome.”

Brady Teter

Director of Business Development, InJoy Global

InJoy Global is a technology startup focused on shaping and reinforcing organizational culture through an intuitive gamification platform. Serving clients across the country from its headquarters in Southern California, InJoy Global’s mission is to help companies create the best culture possible for their employees.

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