Hyper-Personalized Conversations

On-Demand Webinar
Air Date: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Duration: 1 hour
Dan Ushman
Ryan Butler

The Key to a Wider Marketing Funnel

Every business wants to capture more leads. Let’s ditch the theories and get practical. How do you do it? This webinar explored the latest tools that marketers are using, and how results are multiplied when they are used together to hyper-personalize the conversations you have with prospective clients.

Plus we looked at methods of attracting leads and best practices of what to do with these leads once you have them.

Whether you are new to marketing automation or you are a pro user, watch on-demand to see how these features work in concert to drive more leads, convert leads to sales and optimize the marketer’s spend.

Your Hosts:

Dan Ushman

Founder and CEO, Concurra

Dan Ushman is the Founder and CEO of Concurra, an all-in-one agency-focused SaaS solution for conversion rate and user experience optimization.


Ryan Butler

Business Development Manager, SharpSpring

Business Development Manager, SharpSpring

Ryan developed and manages SharpSpring's App Marketplace, all of the tech partnerships involved in the marketplace and integration requests with other companies on the platform. He works on the marketing team to provide budding industry technology to our partners and cultivate strategic collaboration.

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