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G2V Optics, Inc. Case Study: Land Larger Clients & Boost Revenue Growth with SharpSpring’s Centralized Marketing Automation + CRM


Specializing in advanced solar replication technology, G2V Optics offers highly accurate sunlight simulation solutions to leading researchers across world-changing industries including clean energy, modern agriculture, improved transportation methods, and more. Along with these lofty goals, G2V Optics is also a startup with a small marketing team that was looking to streamline their MarTech stack, grow leads and traffic, and create more efficient sales processes to drive revenue.

Nyssa Cromwell, the company’s VP of Marketing, turned to SharpSpring’s centralized automation platform with the hope of helping quickly grow and scale the business.

“I came across SharpSpring through another agency and I was like, wow, this is pretty cool. My client, they’re the executive coach. She did personality assessments, and there were many different personality types. And so we put together a really cool email marketing campaign with similar copy, but with conditional logic added in for different audiences. So we’re able to generate multiple different emails, all customized for the recipient. Marketing automation, of course, plays a huge part in that, and now with the CRM and everything in one tool it’s been critical to me and our revenue team.”

– Nyssa Cromwell


G2V Optics was:

  • Using multiple tools that weren’t integrated or speaking to each other.
  • Lacking insight into lead nurturing and buyer’s journey data to help grow leads that actually converted to sales.
  • Inefficiently using website SEO tactics and marketing campaigns to try and build a full-funnel marketing approach to revenue growth.


G2V Optics’ marketing team was able to transform their sales and marketing processes with SharpSpring’s centralized marketing automation and CRM platform. Nyssa kept organic website traffic incoming while rebuilding the website, launching paid ads to kickstart demand generation, and strategizing a content plan to drive conversions and revenue.

“I knew because of my previous experiences and agency work that content was key. And so I was like, let’s just build a really incredible resource around this thing that we do in this industry called solar simulation.”

– Nyssa Cromwell


Tactic: Streamlining the Tech Stack

G2V Optics needed a way to view the customer buying journey and connect the disjointed tools in their tech stack. After seeing a SharpSpring demo, they were hooked, and they implemented the time-saving and lead nurturing strategy into their campaigns.

“I really love SharpSpring’s Life of the Lead feature, it sort of acts as my sales team! Because, again, it goes back to the middle of the funnel, so I’m able to see if they’re visiting the pricing article or if they’re visiting the product pages. And so we can better tailor their customized emails and communications with clients that way,” said Cromwell.

Tactic: Building Campaigns to Grow Leads and Traffic

Tracking the data from the top of the sales funnel all the way down to closed-won sales opportunities gives G2V Optics a clear picture of which campaign tactics work and which ones need tweaks or additional testing. With SharpSpring, G2V Optics’ small marketing team can execute full-funnel campaigns with detailed reporting on the company’s revenue growth.

“I capture data from all the campaigns, all the tactics that I do, and I can align them all the way up to the revenue. Yesterday we actually had a monthly leadership team deep-dive. And I presented some results. Essentially it’s here’s revenue that we’re able to hit as the revenue team. And here’s a return on investment or revenue and then gross margin return on investment, as well. So they can really see that bottom line. I have a great relationship with my CEO and CFO, and they love seeing that data. They love seeing the fact that I can align the marketing tactics we do straight to revenue,” explained Cromwell.

Tactic: Digitizing the sales and marketing processes

Nyssa and her team were able to rebuild the G2V website while growing organic traffic with a strongly performing industry-specific content piece. 

“We built a comprehensive, 10,000-word article about solar simulation. And I truly believe in just some of the small minutia of UTM taggings. Like I want to know where people are coming from. So all of my campaigns external to the website have UTM codes. So I can see that this channel or this campaign is working. And then just building out the email kind of newsletter capture program, and then being able to distribute information every quarter. So that’s sort of what I did for the first 90 days. And that ended up being a great foundation where we’re still leveraging some of those assets today,” said Cromwell.


G2V Optics now has a fuller view of their customer’s buying journey and they save time and resources on marketing and sales efforts and winning big clients like world-leading researchers, Fortune 500 technology firms, and aerospace companies in over 35 countries using SharpSpring.

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