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About the Agency

PlanStartGrow (PSG) creates digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), with a team that has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for SMBs to date. PSG has found a niche with marketing automation by concentrating its offerings on targeted, proven strategies that deliver rapid and substantial results without requiring clients to increase their marketing budgets.

“We more than doubled a client’s revenue within six months without increasing their total monthly marketing budget. Our strategy involved a myriad of SharpSpring features related to analytics, automation, the sales pipeline and more.”

Omar Barraza

Marketing Strategist, PlanStartGrow


PlanStartGrow’s first client on the SharpSpring platform was a small technical college in California that has three different campuses. When the college signed on with PSG, it was allocating $50,000 in monthly marketing spend toward the following marketing activities, ranked by highest spend:

1. Print advertising
2. AdWords PPC
3. Email marketing (no automation)
4. On-site events

However, the college had no accurate visibility into its return on investment (ROI) for these campaigns — it was ultimately having to make guesses as to which activities were producing revenue and which weren’t.


The agency wanted to immediately implement SharpSpring’s fine-grained campaign tracking, segmented across the college’s three locations. PSG suspected that the client’s lead-to-campaign attribution estimates were wildly incorrect, and it wanted to identify the true campaign ROI for each individual location so resources could be properly allocated.


PlanStartGrow used SharpSpring to implement a three-step approach:

1. Reveal the ROI of the current marketing strategy with campaign tracking
2. Protect against wasteful spending by reallocating budgets to winning campaigns
3. Automate and improve campaigns with content marketing and lead nurturing

PSG’s initial findings showed that while some campaigns were winners in one location, they were breaking even or not generating a return in others.

PlanStartGrow was able to quickly address this issue by rebalancing budget allocation across existing campaigns, and in just one month, new lead generation increased by 109%.

PSG then optimized the marketing strategy with new, targeted campaigns and content to increase opportunities. Within the first quarter, PSG successfully shifted the client’s focus from disparate print and email advertising tasks to integrated and automated marketing campaigns.

“With SharpSpring, we quickly consolidate a client’s marketing systems to deliver a natively unified solution. SharpSpring is faster and easier to learn and implement than any other multi-system alternative. It allows us to immediately increase profits for clients while rapidly reducing marketing expenses.”

Omar Barraza

Marketing Strategist, PlanStartGrow

Initially, the college had been gathering around 180 new leads each month. With the help of PlanStartGrow and SharpSpring, it was soon capturing almost 900 new leads per month — a 5x increase. Similarly, the client’s cost per lead (CPL) was about $280 before SharpSpring. PlanStartGrow set an initial goal of bringing the CPL down to $100. The agency met this goal after three months with the client, and it far exceeded expectations by bringing the CPL down to $58 after six months — an 80% savings from where it had started.

Real Results With SharpSpring

Achieved a 5x increase in monthly lead generation by reallocating budget toward campaigns that produced superior results.

Reduced cost per lead by 80% in just six months by creating targeted campaigns and optimizing the marketing pipeline.

Doubled client's revenue without increasing marketing budget thanks to SharpSpring's agency-focused business model.

“You can spend a lot of money and time learning HubSpot, or you can spend less and start sooner with SharpSpring. Now we’re able to retain clients longer by moving them to SharpSpring. We won’t use anything else.”

Omar Barraza

Marketing Strategist, PlanStartGrow

PlanStartGrow is a digital marketing agency that caters to small and medium businesses with its unique, three-step approach: 

1) Plan – reveal profits or losses of current marketing efforts;

2) Start – protect your budget against wasteful marketing campaigns; and

3) Grow – automate and improve your marketing strategy. The agency offers its Almost Free Marketing™ approach, guaranteed to pay for itself.

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