As the COVID-19 shutdowns started in 2020, we teamed up with agency consultant Karl Sakas to ask thousands of agency leaders to share their thoughts and fears.

People were concerned… but no one predicted the full impact on their life and their business.

A year later, we asked how they were doing—including the pandemic’s impact on their agency, how 2020 compared to what they expected, and their top challenges and changes for 2021 and beyond.

Based on their answers, Karl has developed four actionable recommendations you can start implementing today to help you grow in 2021!

A little about Sakas & Company:

Sakas & Company is dedicated to helping agency owners calm the chaos of agency life. They recognize your agency is likely your #1 financial asset. But they believe that shouldn’t require working 80+ hours a week.

Instead, they help agency owners build sustainable, profitable businesses. You can finally do the work you love—while enjoying a rewarding life outside the office—and get paid well.

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A little about SharpSpring:

If you’re not familiar with SharpSpring, we’re a revenue growth platform with a powerful suite of sales & marketing automation tools to help you boost conversions and deliver results.

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