5 Steps to Getting More Retainer Clients

Agency Perspectives

Plus lots of tips on how to make it easier

Agencies know that retainer-based relationships provide dependable cash flow and company growth. Uncover some of the secrets behind building successful, ongoing relationships with clients – including leveraging marketing automation.

In this issue of Agency Perspectives, you will:
  • Explore the many benefits of retainer-based business
  • Get tips on how to approach client relationships
  • Learn how to identify which clients are a good fit for your agency

Paul Bresenden

454 Creative

``Client relationships are like dating relationships. If a mutually beneficial connection is made, it’s important to build a foundation of clear communication, trust, and willingness to look out for the best interest of the other party. At some point, the marker of a great relationship is ongoing commitment.``

What is Agency Perspectives?

Agency Perspectives lets you hear directly from other agencies about how they are using marketing automation to create higher value relationships, build monthly recurring revenue, and prove value to clients. It’s available exclusively from SharpSpring. Contact us if you’d like to share your expertise as an author.

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