About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a user analytics platform that surfaces insights from your customer data that help you make smarter decisions and act faster to drive value for your business.

Together, SharpSpring and Mixpanel allow companies to better understand their customers and drive them toward their desired outcome. Mixpanel’s best-in-class user analytics help you figure out what actions to take and the impact of those actions, while SharpSpring’s marketing automation tools enable you to execute, resulting in highly personalized campaigns.

How Does Mixpanel Complement SharpSpring?

Using SharpSpring and Mixpanel together allows you to:

  • Learn more from your messaging: Import marketing data into Mixpanel to tie campaigns to the actions users take within your product.
  • Drive loyalty & reduce churn: Learn what campaigns are linked to the most long-term retention months after your message drove users to engage.
  • Uncover interesting trends with machine learning: Trying to find answers on your own in terabytes of user data is time-consuming and often leads nowhere. Instead, our tools together point you in the right direction and bring you surprising insights and trends directly.

By using Zapier< to sync your data, you’ll begin leveraging the combined benefit of Mixpanel and SharpSpring in minutes!


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The benefits of using SharpSpring & Mixpanel

  • Measure impact on user behavior to determine campaign effectiveness
  • Tie marketing to the ways users engage with your product
  • Uncover unexpected insights with machine learning