New marketing agencies are popping up every day and in the ever-evolving marketing landscape, how do you make sure yours stands out? Keep reading to learn how one agency is using marketing automation to offer up results that are growing not only their clients’ businesses, but also their own.

Quick Overview

A law firm was struggling to generate awareness for the firm and its attorneys which in turn meant that lead/case generation was slow. The firm and its 3 attorneys were focused on caseloads, not generating leads. The demands of everyday operations were too much to leave room for lead generation, not to mention the staff is not trained in marketing.

This is a familiar story for many SMBs. When resources are limited, little time is left for branding and marketing. Even if the strapped team could get leads, who was left to handle follow up and additional case loads?  With little time and expertise to focus on marketing, they turned to Oyova, an app developer and marketing agency, to help create a marketing strategy that would start churning out leads.

Oyova became a SharpSpring partner in 2013 and had already been using SharpSpring to help its customers market smarter, not harder. When presented with the law firm’s struggle, they knew that implementing marketing automation, tightening up advertising, and gaining brand exposure could easily solve their problems. To be able to grow, the firm needed concentrated efforts to create a consistent presence that could generate leads and then a way to easily follow up and manage those incoming cases. Luckily for the law firm, Oyova had just the tool to make that happen!

An Effective Approach

Oyova’s history with SharpSpring has been a successful one. They migrated to SharpSpring from Hubspot in 2013 and have never looked back. The agency was looking for an all-in-one marketing automation tool that would allow them to quickly plug and play client data and get the ball rolling with little lag time. This meant they could be more results focused, spend more time onboarding new clients, and spend less time fidgeting with tools.

They found the perfect partner in SharpSpring and since joining have been able to triple their team in size and can attribute over $2 million in revenue directly to marketing automation. Needless to say, they had the data, past expertise, and success stories to create a winning marketing plan for the law firm.

Generating Awareness Through Client/Attorney Referrals

Oyova hit the ground running with some top of the funnel activities to generate awareness for the firm. They implemented a content marketing strategy that included a blog with topics that their clients would find helpful, video content tackling common pain points, and beefed up their social media presence. Using a social media management tool made that super easy. This paired with making sure that the firm’s attorney’s were listed in all applicable directories started the lead generation engine turning.

To boost all these efforts, a social, paid search, and display ads strategy was put in place. By leveraging some of the blog, social, and video content into ads, Oyova was able to get even more value for the firm out of each piece of content.

Drive Interest/Consideration Through Value Differentiators

Once it came to pooling people further down the funnel, Oyova implemented some heavy hitters to show prospects that the law firm could not only handle their cases but also be a valuable partner to them. This included value-added freebie content like ebooks, whitepapers, and other downloadables.

These tactics positioned the law firm as a helpful resource while simultaneously adding prospects to their database that would be further segmented and targeted with automated messaging from SharpSpring.

Increase Engagement with Segmented Messaging

Using email drip campaigns to follow up with leads that took advantage of the content marketing pieces created a deeper level of nurturing for the new leads that aided in pushing them farther down the funnel.

Oyova also supercharged all the marketing efforts that were happening on-page by utilizing remarketing to nudge prospects as they browsed around the Internet. Remarketing increases the punch you get by continuing to nudge while prospects are actively in the purchase decision process.

Nurture Leads

Maybe most importantly, Oyova set up lead scoring for the law firm which enabled attorneys to see which prospects were ready to pull the trigger and which ones needed a little more nurturing first. These scores are also tools for the agency to use in setting up automations that would nurture cold leads and then also notify the appropriate person when they were warm enough to be contacted directly by an attorney.

In SharpSpring, the law firm was able to see the life of the lead and how they interacted with the website. Due to the type of law they practice, this was integral to preparing attorneys for the conversation they will have with prospects without needing to ask any questions upfront.

These types of campaigns saved tons of time for the law firm by allowing them to focus only on the most qualified leads while automations quietly took care to nurture the other leads in the background.

The Results

Since teaming up with Oyova, the law firm was able to:

  • Grow to 5+ locations
  • Grow from 3 to 20+ attorneys
  • Client list is over 40,000 strong
  • Secure almost $200 million in settlements for their clients
  • And more!

“SharpSpring was super sticky for us with a lot of our clients. We know of other companies and agencies that didn’t have a tool like this that was able to support them in identifying the value in what it is that they do.” – Jon Tsourakis of Oyova

To learn even more about how Oyova partnered with SharpSpring to help the law firm thrive, visit their website, or check out the results in our case study.

To delve further into how marketing automation could help grow your agency or business, sign up to get a demo of SharpSpring today!

Kim Jamerson
Kim Jamerson
As Vice President of Marketing at SharpSpring, Kim heads up lead generation efforts through a variety of channels and processes. She has an extensive background in marketing and communications, ranging from TV news to enterprise software and healthcare.