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Feeling like your revenue growth is stymied by lack of time or people?

If you don't have a big marketing team behind you, your to-do list piles up – the daily manual tasks, the time-consuming reporting, and the campaigns you planned on doing 3 months ago.

Don’t leave money on the table because you don’t have the time or resources to work good opportunities

Instead of wishing you had a bigger marketing team to create innovative campaigns, manage the sales handoff process, and pull all the reports you need to prove marketing ROI…you should consider a marketing tech stack that enables you to get all this done easily and automatically.

SharpSpring can help. We enable small and medium businesses to take back control of their time with an all-in-one solution that centralizes sales and marketing automation features + CRM + customer data in a single, easy-to-navigate platform.

According to The State of MarTech, a comprehensive report from the research firm Ascend2, the most successful marketers are 182% more likely to be using drip campaigns to nurture all of their leads. But drip campaigns just scratch the surface of a true digital transformation. Imagine a day where you can easily execute great marketing campaigns with personalized lead capture pages, fully automated nurture programs, chatbots that walk prospects through questions, behavioral ad retargeting, and so much more.


3 Signs a Patchwork MarTech Stack is Sucking Away Time and Resources

Marketing teams need to grow revenue, but there’s challenges they face:

  • They require access to accurate attribution and tracking data, and centralized reporting.
  • They should not be trapped in frustration constantly working to manually locate, qualify and report on data.
  • Furthermore, they must spend their time using data to take action, reducing CAC, improving ROI, and improving the efficiency of their funnels.

Here are 3 signs that your marketing team may be bogged down with technical issues that you might spot in your organization.

#1: To-do lists are backed up, and the marketing team isn’t big enough

Most companies have typical martech stacks patched together with multiple tools, but they don’t have the dev teams to continuously do high quality integrations. If you don’t have the team or time to integrate these together, then it doesn’t matter what marketing point solutions and tools are out there or how great they are.

#2: Spending too much time doing manual/time-consuming tasks

How much time does it take to go into each point solution in our stack and put together a manually or semi-manually created report? If we’re not doing that; we’re setting up APIs and pushing data into some other system. Then we’re trying to figure out if each data source was good or not.

#3: Good opportunities go stale and revenue growth plateaus

If sales and marketing tools were in the same place, teams are taking action and spending their time focused on building and optimizing the funnel. Teams are then able to work quickly to manage leads, identify what contributed to specific sales, and report with confidence what is and isn’t driving sales overall.

47% of marketers say lack of time is preventing them from achieving success.

Source: The State of MarTech. Conducted by Ascend2 and SharpSpring. Published August 2021. N = 187 U.S. marketing professionals

The Only Way to Give Time Back to a Marketing Team

If you had a single marketing automation platform where the majority of the data was originating from:

  • AND the rest of the data from outside that platform was already tightly integrated
  • AND all the data used for the reporting and executing the marketing was already in the same platform
  • AND it was relatively simple to use and cost-effective

THEN, instead of spending 80% of your time fixing and maintaining the data, with a centralized system of solutions, you and your teams are free to spend 80% of their time analyzing it to make better marketing decisions.

That’s the “dream,” and it’s not impossible anymore.

Manually Integrating Separate Marketing Solutions to Make Sense of Data

Ever wonder what it would actually take to properly integrate separate marketing solutions?

Here are the usual technical resources required:

  • Frontend web developer
  • Backend web developer
  • Programmer working with JSON or similar APIs
  • Security and DBA developers
  • Project manager keeping work on time & budget
  • Audits to verify data quality

Then you have to:

  • Work to get data reported and formatted the way marketers actually need it.
  • Wait for the dev team to get it all done.

Marketing teams just want to save time by having the power to do this themselves–or better, not having to worry about it in the first place.

The solution:

A single platform designed to consolidate features and profile/ behavioral data—from multiple channels—in one place.

How Automation Tripled Tick King’s Sales Leads

The team at Tick King just didn’t have the bandwidth to be full-time, professional marketers (what small business has the time for that?)

The challenges:

  • As is the case for many small businesses strapped for time and resources, Tick King had a disjointed list of past customers.
  • The customer list was never really used or looked at, and the way inquiries were dealt with was frequently hit or miss.
  • Good sales leads were not getting worked.

The solution:

Tick King set up and pre-integrated marketing automation to target past customers and saw a 327% increase in new inquiries in less than 48 hours.

Instead of hiring more people, automation helped Tick King get more done with less. Read the full case study.

A Consolidated Marketing Solution For a Better Customer Experience

SharpSpring’s centralization means that data is cleaner and usable to help marketing teams focus on what matters most–making smarter marketing decisions to drive revenue.

Request a one-on-one personalized demo of SharpSpring and see how we can help you.

Imagine a day when you can:

  • Enable better end-to-end visibility of prospects and customers
  • Execute informed, better marketing
  • Reduce operational silos
  • Decrease the time it takes to solve issues
  • Simplify forecasts and tracking
  • Make training your teams easier and more efficient
  • Lower operational costs, and increase ROI

We’ll show you how it works

Sign up for a personalized tour of SharpSpring to see how we can help you drive revenue growth.

Called a Powerful Marketing Automation Platform, We Prefer Revenue Growth Platform

Aside from being easy to use, easy to work with and more affordable, our primary goal is to help you grow your agency.

As your partner, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t connect the dots.

  • Get what you need from one spot. Gain deep insight into demographic and firmographic profiles. See behavioral activities across every customer and their journey (we call it the “Life of the Lead”).
  • Champion better marketing. Execute campaigns with less effort—across multiple channels, verticals, buyers and buying stages—personalized dynamically to each contact.
  • Give your team the right tools for the job. From campaigns to deal tracking, sales enablement features and reporting, less jumping from tool to tool means less missteps for everyone.

SharpSpring gives you a competitive advantage.

More than 10,000 businesses have chosen SharpSpring, see what people are saying about our unified platform.

A force multiplier for our company

"SharpSpring has become a force multiplier for our company. The platform has allowed us to continually engage with leads in a manner we were previously unable to accomplish."

Terry Coleman

Advice Local

Spend marketing resources more wisely

"Using SharpSpring, we were able to generate more quality leads, convert more leads to sales, and spend our marketing resources more wisely for an across-the-board impact. What's not to like about that? Any company not using a solid marketing automation platform is playing an old game and ignoring the new rules of the road. All companies should give serious consideration to SharpSpring. It’s just smart business."

Kim Kinney

Director of Marketing, Brytons Home Improvement

No more using 4 or more systems

"SharpSpring allows us to be super efficient. No more using 4 or more systems – the data is in one place."

Nigel Lamb

Owner & Managing Director Xposure Creative"