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Tired of sales and marketing not speaking the same language?

Don’t settle for a disjointed solution that results in inefficient processes and mismanaged lead hand-offs that cause your high-value opportunities to go unworked.

Get sales and marketing speaking the same language…Revenue

SharpSpring helps small to medium businesses overcome sale and marketing misalignment with a powerful set of marketing and sales automation solutions–all consolidated into a single system of shared reporting, KPIs and growth goals.

  • Need to reduce operational silos, end the finger-pointing, and get sales and marketing working as one team? No problem.
  • Enable end-to-end visibility of prospects and customers.
  • Improve marketing-to-sales hand-offs.
  • Identify and prioritize engaged and high-value opportunities.
  • Centralize marketing automation, customer data, and the sales pipeline.

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3 Signs Your MarTech Stack is Poorly Consolidated and Limiting Growth

Many teams have a patchwork of martech tools that integrate poorly, don’t speak to each other, and often break. This makes it nearly impossible to execute an effective demand generation strategy, resulting in leads going unworked, a poor customer experience, and plateauing revenue.

Sign #1: Difficulty with lead hand-off

If digital marketing is automated, it should automatically send MQLs from marketing to sales. But, not every organization has that setup. In some cases, marketing is manually forwarding leads to sales causing a longer than necessary delay in sales reaching out to prospects.

Sign #2: Issues properly managing leads

Without tightly centralized lead tracking, how do you know how well your marketing and sales teams are delivering and following up with leads? What’s the time to call a contact after they became a lead? This all leads to frustration because when problems arise, nobody really knows why.

Sign #3: Struggles optimizing the overall process

Your solution stack could be siloed in the sense that marketing has got their own CRM, and sales has their own CRM, and the two of them are speaking a different language in terms of metrics and attribution–or worse they aren’t talking to each other at all.

Marketers ranked their tools 6 out of 10 (a failing grade!) when it comes to how data is used between the marketing and sales teams to manage and convert leads.

Source: The State of MarTech. Conducted by Ascend2 and SharpSpring. Published August 2021. N = 187 U.S. marketing professionals

The frustration is real

  • When shared success goals are difficult – and sometimes impossible – to track, then nobody is on the same page and productivity and efficiency takes a nosedive. In fact, sales and marketing misalignment is estimated to cost businesses $1 trillion per year.
  • Imagine if your organization used one consolidated marketing automation system that is tracking all KPIs, doing the marketing, building the customer journey, executing campaigns, reporting, and is used by all teams in the company?
  • Then you’ve got accurate sales and marketing KPIs in one place, your tracking is consistent, and both sales and marketing teams will be speaking the same language in terms of marketing and sales goals.

When sales and marketing are not aligned, the customer experience suffers

  • There are these big gaps in what teams can see about the customer’s journey, and they’re not sure where to engage with customers
  • You’re unable to send the right customer the right message at the right time
  • Customers request a demo or more information and move on to the next solution because nobody has responded to them (or it’s taken forever)
  • You’re unable to deliver personalized, 1-to-1 experience

Not surprising, the solution:

A single revenue growth platform designed to reduce operational silos and provide a holistic view of channels, campaigns, prospects, and customers.

The Importance of Resolving Sales & Marketing Misalignment


Without relying on a single consolidated set of sales and marketing features, most marketing teams are settling for–at best–consistently inconsistent data and lackluster growth.

  • Sirius Decisions found that companies that align sales and marketing teams achieve a 24% faster growth rate and 27% faster profit growth over a year period.
  • LinkedIn reported in 2021 that according to 87% of sales and marketing leaders, tighter collaboration between sales and marketing teams enables growth for their business.
  • Invoca in 2021 concluded that sales and marketing teams aligned on the same goals and data drive more than 200% more revenue growth from marketing tactics.

Here’s How a Simple Formula Changes Things

A central platform is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s rather essential to compete!

Put your data to work to show your customers you understand their unique needs and interests PLUS communicate with them effectively EQUALS more customers, loyalty and recurring revenue.

Imagine a day where you can:

  • See holistically how each of your customers buy
  • Execute informed, better marketing
  • Influence more buying decisions
  • Hit your numbers
  • Align sales and marketing finally under shared goals
  • Get promoted (hopefully!)

We will show you how it works

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Called a Powerful Marketing Automation Platform, We Prefer Revenue Growth Platform

Aside from being easy to use, easy to work with and more affordable, our primary goal is to help you grow your revenue.

  • As your partner, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t connect the dots.
  • Get what you need from one spot. Gain deep customer insights into demographic and firmographic profiles. See behavioral activities across every customer and their journey (we call it the “Life of the Lead”).
  • Champion better marketing. Execute campaigns with less effort—across multiple channels, verticals, buyers and buying stages—personalized dynamically to each contact.
  • Give teams the right tools for the job. From campaigns to deal tracking, sales enablement features and reporting, less jumping from tool to tool means less missteps for everyone.

SharpSpring gives you a competitive advantage.

More than 10,000 businesses have chosen SharpSpring, see what people are saying about our unified platform.

We were able to generate more quality leads

Using SharpSpring, we were able to generate more quality leads, convert more leads to sales, and spend our marketing resources more wisely for an across-the-board impact. What's not to like about that? Any company not using a solid marketing automation platform is playing an old game and ignoring the new rules of the road.

Kim Kinney

Director of Marketing, Brytons Home Improvement

We’ve drastically increased our customer engagement

Since implementing SharpSpring, we’ve reduced our sales cycle, drastically increased our customer engagement, and as a result, we are closing more business.

Brady Teter

Director of Business Development, InJoy Globa

Campaigns need to be properly dispersed and tied back to actual sales

A marketing automation platform without a strategy is like a car without gas – you won’t get anywhere. To succeed, you need both. Campaigns need to be properly dispersed and tied back to actual sales, and SharpSpring is the best vehicle to make that happen.

Yusuf Young