We’ve all received (and tossed out) logo pens, key chains and the like. But have you ever received a personalized, high-end promotional item? Big difference!

High-end promo items and marketing automation are two powerful tools that can work in concert to effectively move leads through the funnel and ultimately increase sales.

How Marketing Automation Helps

One of the most powerful aspects of marketing automation is that you can collect and process a lot of data very easily. This data can be sorted and presented in a digestible format so that it’s easier for you and your marketing team to make decisions.

If you’re considering sending a high-end logo item, this data helps you decide which prospects are worth the investment. If a lead has indicated clear interest in your brand’s services or products and is in the research/purchasing stage, the cost of sending a high-end item to him/her is more likely to be quickly recouped. When you don’t leverage this data, you can end up spending money on irrelevant leads

A Personal Touch

A high-end promo item can be personalized based on prospect behavior data collected in your marketing automation platform. For instance, if you are a large car dealership with many brands available through your showroom, you can tell which brands your prospects are interested in by seeing what emails, web pages and social media channels they are engaging with most.

Your leads are going to be significantly more receptive to a personalized free gift rather than just a message – whether it is an email or a direct mail piece. Plus, personalization builds trust. This trust makes it easier for your organization to make the final sale.

Integrating High-End Promos Into Campaigns

One thing to remember is that your high-end promo should not be sent at the end of a campaign. Instead, it should be a part of the process that guides your leads to additional purchasing paths, and ultimately, to buy your product or service.

By sending the item in the midst of a campaign and not at the end, you can build on it. For instance, you can set an automatic drip campaign with a series of emails asking if the lead enjoyed the gift, sharing ways for the lead to use the gift, and more.

The choice you have to make is just how early to send it. For instance, do you send it when you have noticed someone is visiting your website, interacting with your emails, or communicating with you on social media? Or do you wait for a buying signal, such as a visit to a pricing page or a demo request?

Quick Tips for Using High-End Promos

  1. Make your gift relevant to the actions the lead is taking. For instance, if a lead is demonstrating a clear interest in something, like a car brand or a particular product or service, make sure the gift is related to that.
  2. Personalize your gift as much as possible. Whenever you can, use the lead’s name or other personal information to make the gift feel more special.
  3. Be responsive to a lead’s actions. Use marketing automation to ensure that you are acting as quickly as possible to the action that precedes the sending of the gift. Don’t just send items once a month, but rather use triggers and notifications to send gifts based on what leads are actually doing – so they’ll feel like you’re paying close attention to their needs.
  4. Refer to your promo item in future correspondence. Once you’ve sent a high-end promo item, make sure that your next couple of messages refer specifically to the gift. This reminds the prospect of your gift and reaffirms your association.
  5. Use good calls to action. Every gift send must contain a call to action that encourages the prospect to take the next step in the sales process.

So, Ready to Start Closing More Deals?

If you’ve never considered high-end promo items, now is the time. If you follow the guidelines above, high-end promo items and marketing automation can combine to be the perfect tools for moving your leads through the funnel. It’s a big investment for sure, but when used wisely, it can a very effective strategy for closing deals.

Perry Mann
Lindsey Sherman