Have you ever wondered how SharpSpring is able to charge a fraction of the price of our competition? We’re ready to share our secret, are you ready?

We have an army of Automatons (aw•tom•uh•ton). 

Humanoid autonomous robots that control every aspect of our site.

Don’t believe us?

Well, that’s fair. I mean, it is highly unrealistic to expect that a tiny robot army is actually controlling SharpSpring. But suspend your disbelief and take some time to play the Automaton Experience

Build your Automaton army and learn about the power of marketing automation and how it can benefit you. The Automaton Experience was designed to show how wandering through the SharpSpring site is tracked and impact how we interact with you.

This “game” shows how behavioral-based emails track actions on our site to send a message completely tailored to you. Through tracking, we’re able to see each of your selections and pages visited, which set in motion a powerful chain of events that trigger workflows, segment to lists, and automate emails. This leads to you receiving the exact Automaton army member that you’ve built in your inbox within minutes.

Play multiple times to see how Dynamic Web Content keeps up with your robot-army-building skills and automatically updates to show customized content. You’re sent to Basecamp after you receive your first robot, which is easy to mistake for a web app. But everything you’re seeing within the page is powered entirely by SharpSpring marketing automation. The content keeps up with the number of times you’ve played, the Automatons you’ve built, the points you’ve earned from building and sharing, and so much more.

We’ve taken the time to build the Automaton Experience to show that the possibilities for using marketing automation are limitless. Personalized communication is key to reaching your audience, and is proven to be higher converting than a blanket message. Through marketing automation, send relevant content to customers that fit exactly where they are in the sales cycle. Build better relationships with your customers by providing them exactly the right message at exactly the right time.

See for yourself how awesome marketing automation can be. Or just have a laugh or two at the absurdity of these robots as they generate leads, drive sales and prove ROI. We hope you enjoy the Automaton Experience!

Lindsey Sherman