Another week has come and gone in the world of marketing automation.

The first full week in March is now behind us. Let’s take a look at what you might have missed in the world of marketing automation and marketing technology.

Here are the ten stories that you need to the know in the world of social media for the week of March 10-March 16.

Social media week in review


This story provides advice on how to tell better stories through content marketing. The story showcases tweets from notable content marketers who discuss what makes an effective story. The author of the story serves as the moderator and groups the tweets around the questions she poses.


This post explains that using marketing automation without a strategy, will not work. Marketing automation is a very powerful tool, but a tool is only useful for the job in which, it is intended.

Using a sledgehammer to fix a clogged toilet, will only make the problem worse. However, by using a plunger, you can easily fix the problem. Marketing automation is intended to automate the marketing strategies that you have in place, thereby eliminating redundant tasks associated with marketing. If you implement marketing automation, before you have a strategy in place, you will be miss using the most powerful tool in a marketing department’s tool belt.


This story looks at the aspects of your landing pages that need to be tested. The big takeaway from this article, is that using a clear headline is better than a creative headline when it comes to attracting potential leads.


This is a look at the best way to gain followers on Twitter. It also provides advice on the bad tactics that marketers use on Twitter.




This is a look at how the adoption of marketing automation is continuing to grow.



This article looks at how recent technological gains like marketing automation, have changed the relationship between sales and marketing. In some cases this change is for the better and in other cases, the technology will drive sales and marketing apart.



This post looks at a new technology called Spritz, which allows readers to read every single word of a potential blog post. It’s difficult to describe how it works. Here is a linkthat provides a demonstration. Notice you can change the words per minute at any time.



This is a look at a startup that uses a pop quiz format to engage visitors to a site after they click on an advertisement.



This article looks at the affect of wearable technology such as Google Glass, fitness watches, sleep monitor, etc. on future marketing efforts.


This story looks at how the  “social media marketing” term was a frequent phrase that continued to rise on Google Trends from 2009-2011. However, the term “content marketing,” is seeing a similar rise now. The focus needs to change from social media marketing to having an overall content marketing strategy. Meaning that social media marketing is just one piece of the pie in the content marketing pastry.

Isabel Hasty
Isabel Hasty writes and edits case studies to share client success stories and industry trends. She produces a variety of lead-generation content, including white papers, blogs, infographics, and thought leadership articles.