The Revenue Rockstars Series continued with a live-streamed session from SharpSpring Agency Partners Magee Clegg, Patrick Schokker and Jason Kramer entitled, “From a Seat at the Table to Running the Table: How Modern Marketers Are Winning Revenue.” In this blog, you’ll get advice from the Agency Partner Panel, and we’ll outline some of the key highlights and takeaways from this exciting session. Or, if you’d like to watch the webinar in full, you can check it out here. Be sure to sign up for our full Revenue Rockstars Series, running through January 2022.

We’re thrilled to help attendees learn more about how revenue rockstars grow revenue throughout the entire marketing funnel in this new webinar series. Through the live sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to attend each show and participate in Q&A sessions. And we’ll share key takeaways on our blog, like these notes from our Agency Partner Panel session.

Jason Kramer on traits that define a revenue rockstar

I think there’s two components. One is, it’s a marketer that understands what’s going on on the sales side of the equation and is leveraging that information and insight from the sales team. But it’s also a marketer that understands that marketing can be a profit center and isn’t necessarily an expense item on the P&L. And being able to leverage a tool like SharpSpring to get those insights is a real game-changer.

Magee Clegg on ​​enhancing your approach to driving real revenue

One of the things that I always run into when we’re going to a B2B company is that they have no idea what their retention rate is and they aren’t focused on solving it. It always comes down to “we want new customers, we want more traffic, we want all of this stuff.” But they’re completely neglecting their customer base expansion opportunities and actually retaining customers.

One of the things that we like to do is a customer satisfaction survey, like, let’s see how happy people are. And so we call their customers and say, “what are the things that are good about doing business with this group, do you like it? How would you rate them on a scale of one to 10?” The ultimate questions. And we find that everyone’s really angry, but they just resort to them because they’re the only shop in town or the only manufacturer that does this or that. And, you know, that’s not a good situation to be in for your retention. If we imagine we can get that up to 90 percent and then just continue doing the things you’re doing, you’re going to have massive growth. And so just those expansion opportunities with current customers, making sure that they’re aware of other services that you offer.

Patrick Schokker on why keeping a close connection to sales and revenue is critical

A lead is nice and of value, but ultimately it’s all about more sales and more profits. Marketing automation has enabled the gap between marketing and sales to become smaller and a two-way relationship to form. In this relationship, both themes enhance each other’s performance in terms of result and workload. By setting up the tool properly, you can trace exactly which campaigns ultimately delivered, which sales, and the amount of profit connected to those sales. This data is key to optimizing your campaigns at the front end.

Jason Kramer on staying top of mind with clients

So I like to use the analogy of a billboard, right? So we all know that in a billboard, traditionally, you need to see a billboard seven to ten times before it actually registers. And you remember the message, remember that brand. So marketing is no different. And monthly newsletters, content that can be sent out just to be top of mind to stay in front of people is one simple tactic. But then there’s so many others that SharpSpring fortitudes us to be able to do, such as remarketing ads. So if they get an email, they open and they engage. Being able to serve that same person digital online ads in a timely fashion is just reinforcing the brand messaging and potentially maybe even a time-sensitive offer. So it’s really looking at all the touch points.

Patrick Schokker on customer experience that results in real, bottom line growth

Well, it’s all about zooming in with the client on their marketing goals, but also on their business goals more broadly because a good marketing automation strategy is more than just running a campaign with a symbol. With this simple email follow up, it’s all about a well-developed strategy in which the target audience, its environment, and its pain points have been thoroughly considered and defined. Once this information is clear, it forms the foundation of the content strategy to guide your target audience to the next phase in the customer journey.

Magee Clegg on creating an intentional customer-centric strategy

What I find is that in organizations, people get really comfortable with what they’re doing on a daily basis. The marketing team, they’ve got a plan, so okay, “let’s execute this and hopefully we can just do this over and over again forever and going forward it should just work, hopefully.” And then on the sales side, they like the same pitch. They like having the same materials.

But what I find with the strongest groups that I work with is they are having in-person conversations, sales and marketing in the same room and they’re communicating. Like, “hey, I actually found out this new pain point through a sales call that I had the other day. And it’s not in line with anything we talked about. Maybe we could explore this more.” And the marketing team needs to know about that from sales so they can potentially invest in addressing that issue with their messaging.

And same on the marketing side. What are the things that are actually working and who are the best prospects to focus on and who’s actually engaging with material? And that information needs to be pushed to the sales team, as well. I think the best thing that you can do is bring those conversations together and work as one team in one room.

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