(For an introduction, please see What is Marketing Automation?)

Behavioral-based marketing automation helps businesses and marketing agencies generate more leads, increase sales and prove ROI. 

Email automation takes on new meaning with marketing automation. Due to the “After the click” behavior tracking, marketing automation is able to track how a lead is interacting with a website. At the same time, the software can send an automated email that is specifically related to how the lead interacted with the website.

It can be difficult to describe how relevant and quick this form of email automation truly is thanks to behavioral-based marketing automation. Here’s a fast, fascinating and fun demonstration of how marketing automation works. Simply by playing this magic trick (just click the link at the end of the post), you will see how Marketing Automation can be used to:

  • Discover a lead’s interests, simply based on webpage clicks
  • Communicate with leads 1-to-1 based on those interests
  • Automatically notify a salesperson when a lead has accomplished something interesting.

Please pick a card and watch marketing automation in action!

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This post is adapted from an interview with Rick that originally appeared on the crazyegg blog.

Lindsey Sherman