SharpSpring has launched customizable buyer Personas, which make segmentation and targeted messaging much easier. This new feature allows you to:

  • More effectively target your customer audiences
  • Escalate the power of your dynamic emails and landing pages
  • Improve your segmentation processes
  • Increase your open rates, click-through rates and conversions

Why Personas?

Powerful marketing is all about storytelling. Correction – it’s about the right kind of storytelling. People pay attention when they’re hearing a story that interests them, but not all people are interested in the same story. Think about it: You wouldn’t force a group of fourth graders to watch C-Span on a continuous loop (unless, perhaps, they had misbehaved atrociously). Similarly, you wouldn’t show a surfing enthusiast a documentary about indoor crafting activities. Both groups are being told stories that are not relevant to their individual needs and experiences. And most likely, the result is that neither group is going to end up paying much attention.

To tell relevant stories with your marketing content, you must know your audience.

Marketing automation stores lead data and tracks behavior. Dynamic content allows you to create emails and landing pages that dynamically respond to a lead’s attributes. But if this content and information is not organized properly, it can be a challenge to efficiently execute your marketing initiatives.

Enter Personas. Personas are designed to help you easily identify and segment customer audiences, so that you can produce and syndicate the right content. Ultimately, they will increase conversion rates.

Now let’s take a closer look…

As a marketer, you probably already have a pretty clear idea of the buyer personas that make up your audience, so I’m sure your interest is piqued enough to take a deeper dive.

Here’s a common marketing scenario: You’re preparing a new campaign, and you need to create different sets of messaging that speak to different buyer personas within a company. One is Cindy CEO, concerned about revenue growth for her business. Also on your list is Morgan Marketing Manager, focused on lead generation. Finally, you have Sammy Sales, who is interested in sales tools.

Each buyer persona reflects the prospect’s defining traits, allowing you to easily speak directly to Cindy, Morgan and Sammy with custom messaging. You can allow leads to self-select a buyer persona by simply answering a question via a SharpSpring form.  You can also assign personas to your leads based on their attributes and tracked behavior.

Customize Your Template and Create Specific Personas You Need

Every business is different, so SharpSpring created a highly customizable template for building personas in-app. Use demographics, psychographics, goals, job functions, pain points and more to zero in on key traits. Use various widgets, including slider bars, charts, text, etc., to show tendencies within those traits. This highly visual interface brings your personas to life.

Persona Areas of Impact

So, are you ready to unleash your marketing power? Personas pack a powerful punch in several crucial areas.

1. Hyper-charge your dynamic emails and landing pages.

You might be thinking, “Thanks, Captain Obvious, I realize that content can be very effective with personas.” But it’s still important to drive this point home. This new feature will take the guesswork out of things, so you can be sure your messaging is on target without having to deal with rules and custom fields. Just ask your leads one simple question, and let them tell you who they are. And for those who don’t self-identify, it’s super easy to assign them personas based on their attributes and behaviors.

And forget about creating tons of segmented lists. Just have one global list, create your messaging, and use personas with dynamic content to automatically send the right message to the right person.

2. Simplify automation tasks.

We’re all about improving processes here at SharpSpring. So rather than setting up custom fields, which can take time, segment by personas for quick results.

3. Pinpoint your target audience.

When you craft a marketing message, you want to hit the bullseye. Personas let you hit your target every time with relatable and personalized messages so that nothing you send will fall flat. It’s time that all your creativity and effort reach their maximum potential.

Bringing the Humanity Back

Today’s digital marketing landscape can feel robotic and impersonal. Personas do away with all that and bring back the human side of marketing. After all, connecting with people is what marketing is all about.

So when you’re ready to deliver content that boosts your conversions and ROI, start leveraging your personas in SharpSpring.

Koertni Adams