Are you taking the easy way out? Sending generic emails about your products and services to mass mailing lists is simple, but it generally yields lower results than using targeted email marketing. Many companies still struggle with how they can move past these email batch blasts to a more effective, targeted approach.

SharpSpring is spreading the good news: customized campaigns are easy with marketing automation and targeted email marketing.

Let’s get into some of the details of how these methods can help you improve your conversion rates.

Batch Emails Can Be Destructive

If you aren’t using targeted email marketing, you could be damaging you company in the long term. Batch emails may generate more initial sales; however, they often result in annoying and alienating potential customers. Perhaps these people are not interested in your product at this time but they could be in the future. If you continuously send out blasts like these, many of your customers will unsubscribe or mark you as spam. This could also give your business a bad reputation.

Everybody loves a good discount, but what happens when it becomes a crutch? If you keep sending out campaigns offering discounts, your customers will grow to expect it from you. This can land you in an endless cycle of discount offers that slowly degrade your profit margin.

Switch It Up With A Campaign Strategy

To start off, you want to focus on your hottest leads. Veteran marketers who have sent batch emails keep a database of previously sent campaigns. You may find value in using some of their records, or you can also start fresh with a Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) model. This model measures how recently a purchase was made, how often a customer purchases from you, and how much they spend. This allows you to rank and segment your customers in terms of their value for your company so that you can prioritize hot leads when distributing targeted email campaigns.

Additionally, you can use the information from the recency segment of the RFM model to target customers who make large purchases at a lower frequency. While they may only buy from you on occasion, it’s often a great payoff when they do – so you’ll want to keep them engaged in the future.

You can use marketing automation to send out one-time promotions to your targeted email audience if you’re looking to draw more revenue and test the viability of your target. Instead of generic blast emails, you can convert leads to sales more efficiently through personalized connections. This doesn’t mean you have to send individual emails to every single lead – that’s not realistic! Instead, use marketing automation to add a more personal tone to your targeted emails. For example, use a target’s first name, add a personalization tag, and welcome your readers to your site. Offer an informative view of what you have to offer based on what the reader has previously expressed interest in on your site, and don’t forget to thank the reader for visiting. Also remember to keep these emails short – the experts say that your audience will likely lose interest in messages longer than two paragraphs.

The Results Are In – And The Winner Is…

Soon after you begin using targeted email campaigns, you’ll start to notice better results than when you send out bulk emails. What’s even better is that these results will be sustainable.

For starters, your open and conversion rates will skyrocket. You can also prove your ROI more effectively through sales reports generated by pairing targeted email campaigns with marketing automation.

Marketing is no longer a one-way shouting match – it’s time to have conversations that convert. Carefully crafted by designers and programmers alike, SharpSpring is as robust as it is easy to use, making it an ideal platform for businesses of all types.

Stop shouting and start talking – with SharpSpring.

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