It’s yet another ‘one-stop-shop’ advantage in SharpSpring’s Revenue Growth Platform

Instagram has long been an important part of the digital marketer’s toolkit. With its recent enhancements, more than ever, businesses are seeing higher marketing ROI and more converted customers from this social channel.

The major stride Instagram made last year was to offer its platform for businesses to market and sell directly from the app. This further elevated the social platform’s standing as a top choice for companies and their customers. Notably, 130 million users tap Instagram shopping posts per month and 81% of people use it to research products or services. With that kind of explosion, it’s clear Instagram is a key revenue growth channel for businesses.

But this type of organic growth requires effort to generate frequent posts containing quality content. Therein lies the first challenge. Instagram is one of the more time-consuming social media platforms for marketers. It requires a lot of manual work to create content, upload images, get approvals, schedule posts and check quality.

Remove Barriers Limiting Your Results

The good news? To focus on revenue-generating tasks vs. admin constraints, this work can be done conveniently right in the SharpSpring Revenue Growth Platform, with no more shifting to your Instagram account. SharpSpring Social now supports Instagram for Business, adding to its already-available Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integrations. Connect all your social accounts for the best results.

Amplify Your Reach

And for LinkedIn and Twitter users, you can also listen in on social conversations to hear what leads, customers and competitors are talking about in their social posts. Social Listening Feeds simplify the process by consolidating every conversation in one spot. Find and filter conversations by #hashtag, keyword, and more.

Using a content scheduler is the best way to deploy a consistent and sustainable social media marketing strategy. Marketing teams of any size can plan, write, prepare images and schedule content weeks in advance. Rather than logging into multiple apps every hour or every day, posts can be bulk scheduled for a week, two weeks or even a month in advance, focusing effort on higher value work and getting your content out.

Managing multiple accounts is no longer a dreaded task with SharpSpring Social. Create one post, tailored per channel, and publish to all of your synced accounts at once. You’ll reduce time and clicks between each app. Then, view those posts alongside other planned marketing emails and events to identify and fill gaps in your content strategy.

Collaboration is also simplified with SharpSpring Social. From one place, teams can edit and reschedule posts on the fly—so there’s no need to jump from site to site or app to app. Use the built-in permissions management settings to ensure only the best content makes it in front of your audience.

Tie Results Together

The whole point of social media is to be, well, social, in order to have meaningful conversations with prospects and customers. Helping businesses see their full potential to drive these conversations and revenue opportunities without compromise is what guides everything we do in SharpSpring.

And in SharpSpring, it doesn’t matter if you have a single social media page or three Instagram accounts, two Twitter accounts, and a Facebook page. Whatever your business model or team size, connect what you have to get started with planning, posting, measuring results and using social engagement activities in your broader lead generation and nurture programs.

Digital marketing campaigns are more than just a handful of social media posts and a couple of emails. Campaigns can include other inbound and outbound tactics like social and email, but also digital and retargeting ads, web visits, landing page clicks, chatbot interactions, and more. Tracking all moving parts can be a struggle, especially if using individual point solutions that don’t talk to each other.

By using an all-in-one revenue growth platform you can access a single view to quickly measure, analyze and report on individual post or channel results, or overall, multi-channel campaign results.

See how you can integrate your social strategy to drive easier deployment, better engagement and faster conversions. And spend less time jumping from system to system with SharpSpring’s Revenue Growth Platform where everything is designed to work together. Book a demo today.

Already a SharpSpring customer? Learn more about adding your Instagram for Business account along with your other social accounts.

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