Did you know that more than 200 billion emails are sent each day worldwide? However, despite the volume, only about 20% of emails succeed in getting the target customers’ attention enough to be read. And even fewer of the read emails actually lead to actionable outcomes such as clicking or making a purchase. With such statistics, it is evident that effective email marketing is among the most powerful marketing tools. But for email campaigns to produce desirable ROI, you need to equip them with every edge you can to gain an advantage over the massive number of messages readers are bombarded with daily.

If your email marketing campaign is not delivering desirable results, here are a few simple and straightforward tips to ease your quest for an effective email marketing campaign.

Evaluate your process

Marketing automation is among today’s top tools when it comes to streamlining and optimizing email marketing campaigns. With email marketing automation, your business can save time and money and simplify operations for enhanced efficiency.

Keep in mind that as you work towards an effective email marketing campaign, the process matters, including the timing and frequency of emails, just to mention a few key factors.

As you implement or re-evaluate your process, having clear goals is vital. For instance, emails aimed at creating brand awareness are said to be working if the open rate is impressive, whereas emails aimed at driving sales would only be deemed successful if they generated quality leads and increased sales revenue.

When sending emails, you must understand your target audience and how the timing and content delivered affect their reactions. While it might take some time to figure it all out, it’s worth every minute spent developing a process that delivers instead of investing in campaigns that serve only to consume your valuable resources.

Revise the subject line

A boring subject line is among the fastest ways to lose your target’s interest. While crafting the subject line, be creative enough to not only capture your target’s attention but also prompt them to open and read the content of the email. A question that triggers curiosity is more effective than a generic “monthly newsletter” subject line (users are not too interested in how your business is doing — they want to read about what is in for them). With varying demographics reacting differently to different messages, understanding your target market and tailoring personalized subject lines can help quickly supercharge your campaigns.

Revisit the content

You have probably embraced video and GIFs, but how effective are they? Well, while a mixture of videos or GIFs eliminates the boring text blocks, you could be hitting a wall with either irrelevant or unrelatable content. With your target audience’s interest in mind, always ensure that your content offers values rather than simply being salesy.

Address problems your specific audience encounters with content that helps them to make informed decisions on purchases. You’ll find that this is far more effective than bombarding them with promotional material that only shows how salesy your campaigns are. While crafting content, using some humor can come in handy — but be sure to steer away from controversial humor or jokes derived from political or religious standpoints as this can quickly turn off many readers.

Consider UX

As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, you need to keep the user experience (UX) in mind at all times. Ensure that your emails are readable across all types of devices; regardless of the users’ screen size and resolution, your emails should be accessible without affecting its visibility. From the videos and images to the text, ensuring that your emails work across mobile device types will ensure that they are not being deleted the moment they hit the targets’ mailbox.


As you work towards a long-lasting and effective email marketing campaign, cross-promoting is key. For example, you can enjoy an extensive reach using social media platforms. What’s more, with creative promotions such as coupons and discounts that can only be realized once a user subscribes to your email list, you can quickly build a list of interested users who are more likely to become active customers.

While working to supercharge your email marketing campaigns, don’t throw your branding efforts out of the window. Consistency matters, and as you tailor the emails, ensure that they exude your brand’s image and voice. With these easy tips, you can comfortably re-evaluate your email marketing campaigns and eliminate non-performing strategies for improved brand awareness, lead generation, and enhanced sales revenue.

Tools for effective email marketing

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