Marketing Automation for Small Business Clients

Agency Perspectives

Helping Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Adapt & Grow With Marketing Automation

Until recently, most small businesses couldn’t fit robust marketing tools into their budgets. But with more affordable marketing automation platforms on the rise, mom-and-pop businesses are finding new ways to stay competitive and grow their reach.

In this issue of Agency Perspectives, you will:
  • Learn how to turn your free wifi offering into a lead gen machine
  • Discover how to garner more reviews through email campaigns
  • Hear how this agency helped one client increase reviews by 200% using SharpSpring

Rafael Zabala

Interactive Marketing

“Local businesses often seem to be working against all odds and can have a particularly hard time remaining competitive. Now that marketing automation is affordable for businesses of almost any size, however, things are becoming much easier.”

What is Agency Perspectives?

Agency Perspectives lets you hear directly from other agencies about how they are using marketing automation to create higher value relationships, build monthly recurring revenue, and prove value to clients. It’s available exclusively from SharpSpring. Contact us if you’d like to share your expertise as an author.

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